Church Projects

 St Peter’s New Hall Project

We are pleased to say that finally we have received Planning Permission for the extension to St Peter's church and the construction of two houses [which will help pay for the extension]
This is only the start of the process and there are certain conditions which need to be fulfilled before we can proceed further. 

Perhaps most importantly we still need to raise a considerable amount of money (in the thousands) to pay for Reports [Quantity Surveying etc] that are required. We also need to engage the services of a Solicitor.

Please do support any fund raising events that we have planned such as the Big Breakfast (see poster). Also if you have any ideas how we can raise some more funds to assist us being able to proceed – then do let us know.
It is important that these activities DO NOT take money away from the normal giving which goes to support the everyday running of the church and our usual Mission/Christian activities.

Finally don’t forget to PRAY.